If you’ve lived in Ohio for more than a couple of years or so, by now you’ve probably heard a “cry baby bridge” story or two. All throughout Ohio there are haunted bridges with urban legends that are downright bone-chilling. Some of these haunted bridges in Ohio have been abandoned for several years, while others are still in use and you’re able to drive through them. (If you dare to, that is.) The following nine bridges are what we consider to be some of the most haunted bridges in Ohio — and their stories aren’t for the faint of heart.

Would you cross (or visit) any of these haunted bridges in Ohio? What other haunted bridges do you know about in the Buckeye State? Share your stories and experiences with us and be sure to check out our previous article, Here Are The 16 Best Places To Spot A Ghost In Ohio.

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Haunted bridges in Ohio

Are there any haunted roads in Ohio?

Most people typically associate cemeteries, old buildings, or abandoned places with being haunted, but here in the Buckeye State, we have haunted bridges, streets, roads, and even entire haunted towns in Ohio! And yes, there are haunted roads in Ohio. Among the most haunted is Buckley Road.

  • If you take Route 732 north out of Oxford and turn left onto the country road Buckley Road at night, you might encounter the “Phantom Motorcyclist,” who was struck by a car and decapitated one night after alcohol impaired his motor skills and crashed headlong into a barbed-wire fence.
  • Legend has it, that the cyclist was dating a local girl, and her parents did not approve. In order to see each other, the girl would sneak out at night after her parents were asleep and flash the porch light (or a flashlight) three times to signal the motorcyclist. Waiting down the road from the girl’s house (which is no longer standing,) he would see the flashing lights from the top of the street and drive down the hills on his motorcycle to meet up with her. But one night, he didn’t make it to her.
  • Today, nearby college students and other visitors frequent the area at night in hopes of encountering the ghost of the decapitated cyclist searching for his long-lost love. Many claim they've seen this ghost themselves!

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