This Strange Phenomenon In Ohio Is Too Weird For Words

There’s something strange about King Memorial Rd. in Mentor, Ohio.

All throughout the U.S., “gravity hills” are a phenomenon attracting curious out-of-towners to experiment with the mysterious roads, their vehicle and gravity. King Memorial Road in Kirtland Hills is one of such hills.

When you get to the bottom of the hill and stop at the intersection of Little Mountain Rd. in Kirtland Hills, you can test this strange phenomenon by going about 100 yards past the intersection, stopping and then putting your car in neutral. The road ahead of you will appear to be at an upward incline—however, when you release the brake and leave your car in neutral, your car will start rolling uphill.

Many people speculate that the gravity hill is nothing more than an optical illusion and that while your car may appear to be rolling uphill, it’s actually rolling downhill. One thing is for certain though: The hill undeniably looks as if it’s at an upward incline.

To view this experiment in action, watch the video below:

***Please note: The following video contains profanity.

An important aspect to note about testing this phenomenon is that law enforcement discourages drivers from experimenting with the hill for traffic and safety reasons. (And testing the gravity hill will be a dead giveaway that you’re an out-of-towner.)

In October, News anchor Leon Bibb also tested this phenomena during his “My Ohio” series. Watch the video below to view his experiment and findings:

What do you think about this phenomenon? Does it defy nature itself? Or is it merely an optical illusion? Have you tested it for yourself? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!