Did you know Ohio is home to the largest candy store in America?

That’s right. We have the largest candy store in the country sitting right here in our very own state and you probably didn’t even know it. b.a. Sweetie Candy Company is one of Ohio’s best kept secrets. Can you imagine it? Aisle after aisle of any type of candy you could dream of. In fun size, king size and bulk. In every flavor that ever existed. Taffy, chocolates, gummy candies, hard candy, bubble gum and even old fashion sodas. It’s a pretty beautiful picture, isn’t it? Located right in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, some of the best homemade candy in Ohio can be found along the aisles of b.a. Sweetie Candy Company.

Visit the best candy store in Ohio, and you just might find yourself nostalgic in the sweetest kind of way. Learn more about b.a. Sweetie Candy Company below!

b.a. Sweetie Candy Company is located at 6770 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44129. Have you ever been here before? You can find more information about this nostalgic candy store in Ohio with a visit to their official website, too.

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best Candy store In Ohio

What is the best homemade candy in Ohio?

Ohio is perhaps best known for the Buckeye candy. The Buckeye consists of chocolate-covered peanut butter fudge, and is fairly similar to peanut butter balls. Easy, classic and a true Midwestern tradition, Ohioans are known for these decadent, peanut-buttery treats. The candy itself was named for its resemblance to the buckeye tree, which is the state tree of Ohio.

What other massive stores can I find in Ohio?

Jungle Jim's International Market boasts 200,000 square feet of pure shopping space, and is known round the state as one of the best places to visit and shop. It's a large supermarket that's found in Fairfield, Ohio, though there's also a satellite location. Known as a "theme park of food," this 1971 classic has over 180,000 items for sale inside. It's a true trek and one of the best massive stores in Ohio.

Are there any local toy stores in Ohio?

As a part of the American Midwest, Ohio is known for its friendly atmosphere and locally owned shops. Big Fun Columbus is a great spot to visit for folks seeking a low-key, family-friendly toy shop. Skylarks Toys & Comics in Grove City is also a great spot, as is Naturally Curious Kids. Of course, simply walk down a quiet Main Street in a small town and you're bound to find someplace magical within the nostalgic stores of Ohio. Ohio knows how to cater to its own, even its youngest.

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