Follow The Emerald Necklace Trail To Uncover Waterfalls, Ledges And Other Hidden Gems In Ohio

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about “waterfalls near me” in Ohio? Have you ever heard of something called the Emerald Necklace Trail in Ohio? Both a beautiful bike path and a lovely hiking route, the Emerald Necklace Trail connects several different parks within the Cleveland Metroparks system. It’s a long trail you can take your time exploring, stop whenever you want, and return to explore a new section at a later date. Along the way, you’ll uncover several hidden gems and reconnect with nature.

Have you ever hiked or biked the Emerald Necklace Trail? If so, we want to know what your experience was like!

Are you a helpless waterfall chaser that often wonders about “waterfalls near me” in the Buckeye State? We get it! If you’re looking for some beautiful waterfalls to visit in Northeastern Ohio, check out this epic road trip. And for more multi-purpose trails in Ohio with beautiful sights to see along the way, check out our previous article: The Underrated River Trail In Ohio You’ll Want To Hike Over And Over Again.

Address: Cuyahoga County, OH, USA
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Waterfalls near me

April 02, 2022

What are some must-visit waterfalls near me in Northeastern Ohio?

Ohio is blessed with an abundance of fabulous falls, many of which are located in the Northeast corner of the state. One of our favorites is the gorgeous and easily accessible Paine Falls. Once you’ve parked in the parking lot, you’ll have a short and scenic 0.12-mile stroll to the multi-tier waterfall that’s gorgeous any time of the year. Chances are you’ll want to visit in each season to see it as it changes against the fall foliage, the winter snow, and the spring greenery. The path leads to an observation deck, perfect for marveling at the waterfall that tumbles 25 feet and boasts a width of 80 feet. Your best bet to see the waterfall at its most powerful is to visit after a recent rainfall rather than during a dry spurt. We love this waterfall for its accessibility and year-round beauty!

Of course, you can’t discuss Northeast Ohio waterfalls without mentioning Brandywine Falls. Nestled within Ohio’s one-and-only national park, Brandywine Falls is a vision. This breathtaking 65-foot waterfall gushes from Brandywine Creek, and the falls are arguably the most popular feature of the park. We love this waterfall all year long, but especially in the winter. What some don’t realize is that in the throes of winter in Ohio, Brandywine Falls transforms into something even more extraordinary. Seeing these frozen falls firsthand is the most amazing reward for hitting the trails in the coldest months of the year. We promise you’ll be so spellbound by this spectacular scene that you will forget all about the frigid temperatures!

Address: Cuyahoga County, OH, USA