15 Awesome Famous People You Had No Idea Were From Ohio

Several creative geniuses and talented performers started out in the heartbeat of America—and their skills have stretched far beyond Ohio. From modern day musical sensations and movie stars to renowned inventors that have changed the course of history, Ohio has given us a gifted batch of individuals throughout the years.

1) Steven Spielberg


Would we really know what makes a movie iconic without his example? Probably not!

2) Halle Berry


Ohioans have Cleveland to thank for this academy award winning, lovely lady and former fashion model beauty queen.

 3) Thomas Edison


You tell me where we’d be without his contributions to the world. (In the dark, perhaps?)

4) Maya Lin


There’s a reason most of us don’t graduate from finger painting and coloring books. Maya Lin shows us that design and architecture requires a lot more than just an idea and some crayons.

5) Drew Carey


The man who taught many of us what it means to laugh.

6) Sarah Jessica Parker


From the small town of Nelsonville, Ohio to the bright lights of fame, came Sarah Jessica Parker.

7) Nancy Cartwright


You might have known that the voice of Bart Simpson was actually a woman’s voice, but you might not have known that she came from Dayton.

8) Justin Chambers


A sincere thank you to Springfield for the gift of Chambers and Grey’s Anatomy.

9) Bow Wow


No longer lil’—in more ways than one—Ohioans can take credit for the start of Bow Wow’s bark.

 10) Katie Holmes


The home of actress Holmes was Toledo, Ohio before her acting career took off.

 11) Josh Radnor


We may never know how Josh Radnor met your mother if it wasn’t for the nurturing arms of Radnor’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

12) LeBron James


OK, so it’s essentially next to impossible to not know where LeBron’s from, but he’s undeniably been the most talked about NBA superstar for a while now and his game is certainly nothing less than famous.

13) Macy Gray


Her singing career has taught Ohioans about more than life, love and lessons learned—she’s taught us soul.

 14) Rob Dyrdek


Yeah, he’s ridiculous but his skateboarding talent and hit reality TV shows have made Kettering proud.

15) Neil Armstrong


Maybe it’s common knowledge, but it’s still pretty cool to say that Ohioans were technically the first people to ever step foot on the moon. When it comes to notable individuals making their mark in America—and the world—Ohioans undeniably hold their own.

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