Ohio boasts so many amazing destinations that we could probably spend an entire lifetime exploring without ever leaving the state. When you simply don’t have the time for an old-fashioned road trip, fill your car’s tank with gas and set off on a leisurely day trip. For one of the most relaxing Ohio day trips, make your way to Debonne Vineyards in Madison before marveling at Paine Falls in Painesville. The cherry on top of a picture-perfect day? You’ll only need a single tank of gas for the entire trip.

The drive time between Debonne Vineyards and Paine Falls clocks in at just about 15 minutes for the 8.7-mile journey. However, Google Maps also offers an alternative route that spans just over 10 miles and takes around 17 minutes. Neither route takes traffic into consideration.

Day trips abound in Ohio, which means if the trek to Debonne Vineyards and Paine Falls is just too far from you, you’re still in luck. Here are 10 epic day trips that promise adventure, memorable moments, and unique views of Ohio. They also include several waterfalls near me that are a definite must-see.

Nothing quite compares to a day of sipping wine and visiting a gorgeous waterfall, especially when you can do it all on a single tank of gas. Start planning your trip to Debonne Vineyards and Paine Falls by adding your address to the Google Maps directions. This Ohio day trip is just a sampling of all the amazing things you’ll find to do in Ohio. Like Only In Ohio on Facebook and sign up for Ohio’s daily newsletter to discover even more.

Still wondering about “waterfalls near me” in Ohio? Check out this amazing road trip to some of the state’s best falls!

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waterfalls near me

What are three of the best waterfall hikes in Ohio that are also some of the easiest?

There are several hiking trails with waterfalls in Ohio that have a variety of difficulty levels. Listed below are three of the Buckeye State's easiest and shortest waterfall trails. You'll want to explore them all.

1. Ash Cave

Located within Hocking Hills State Park is Ash Cave, a 0.5-mile loop trail that's mostly used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. The best time to explore this short-and-sweet trail is from April to October.

2. Broken Rock Falls Loop

Ohio's Broken Rock Falls Loop, which is also located within Hocking Hills State Park, is a 1-mile loop trail that's popular for hiking and walking. Most people enjoy exploring this trail from April to October.

3. Indian Run Falls

Located within Ohio's Monterey Park is Indian Run Falls, a 0.9-mile, out-and-back trail that's great for hiking, walking, and nature trips. The best time to explore this waterfall trail is from April to November.

What's one of the most popular waterfalls in Ohio that everyone should experience at least once?

Do you love waterfalls? If so, you're in luck because Ohio is home to numerous waterfalls waiting to be discovered. One of the Buckeye State's most popular waterfalls is Cedar Falls, which is located within Hocking Hills State Park. It only takes half a mile to reach this waterfall, and the best times of the year to experience it are during the spring and fall seasons. During the spring season, nothing compares to the beautiful colors of the waterfall's surrounding wildflowers. And during the fall season, the colorful foliage surrounding the waterfall is a definite must-see.The temperature is also great during the spring and fall seasons, which makes it the perfect hike for the entire family.

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