Adventure Awaits When You Check Out The Tubing And Tacos Offered On This Northeast Ohio Day Trip

Tubing and tacos – can you think of a better pairing? Oh, but it does get better. This day trip to Crooked River Adventures and Barrio, promises a ton of fun and delicious food, and you’ll only need to fill up the gas tank once. Plus, all of the time you save on travel, you can use for having an unforgettable day on this northeast Ohio day trip.

Google Maps offers two routes between Crooked River Adventures in Burton and Barrio in Kent, so you can choose which is easiest for you based on personal preference and current traffic. The shortest route spans 22.8 miles in about 35 minutes; the longer route takes only 37 minutes over 24.7 miles.

A day trip’s the perfect way to spend a leisurely day, so don’t worry if this one is too far for you to hit the road. Check out these other amazing day trips in Ohio that also offer unforgettable adventures.

After a fun day tubing under the sun, you won’t find a better meal than a hearty helping of tacos. Customize the Google Map directions for the trip to Crooked River Adventures and Barrio Kent. However, that’s just the beginning of all of the fun that awaits in Ohio. Keep up-to-date with all of the cool happenings and fun adventures by following Only In Ohio on Facebook then sign up for Ohio’s daily newsletter.

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Address: Crooked River Adventures, 13468 Main Market Rd, Burton, OH 44021, USA
Address: 295 S Water St, Kent, OH 44240, USA