9 Stereotypes About Cleveland That Need To Be Put To Rest Right Now

Every big city faces discrimination in some way. Whether it is associated with a state of uncleanliness or high crime, many incorrect stereotypes are given to large metropolitan areas around the county simply because it is a big city. Cleveland is no exception, as even our beloved best location in the nation cannot escape a bit of a bad reputation. Here are a few negative associations you’ve likely heard when you tell people that you are from Cleveland – and why they need to to be put to rest.

Though Cleveland is a lovely and wonderful city, some negative rumors have surrounded it throughout its history. Now that we Clevelanders have had the opportunity to put to rest some of the most negative stereotypes, we’d love to have you visit us! You’ll find that The Land is truly an incredible place to be.

Are there any other totally wrong Cleveland stereotypes you’d love to see fade away? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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