You Might Not Like These Predictions About Cleveland’s Upcoming Cold And Snowy Winter

The gorgeous autumnal hues bring with them an ominous message for Clevelanders; winter is coming, and it’s bringing with it an infectious dose of cabin fever. Locals in the snow belt know exactly why so many born-and-raised Clevelanders become snowbirds and flee for the south once winter hits, and the changing leaves as of late have caused everyone to begin making predictions about the upcoming winter. Most people have been feeling that “we’re in for it” when it comes to the winter months… and, as it turns out, they may be right.

Winter is a beautiful time in The Land, but it’s a freezing season full of lake effect precipitation and cabin fever. This year’s upcoming season may be colder than the last few, but we Clevelanders will still find a way to make it memorable.

Don’t want to think about the upcoming winter? That’s okay! You may enjoy reminiscing about these weird moments in Cleveland winters past.