The Ruins Of A Winery From Just After The Civil War Hide On An Island Near Cleveland

Step aside, Rustbelt cities. We know you’re brimming with culture nowadays, but the new star of the show is the “Grape Belt.” This term, of course, refers to the many wineries that flourish on Lake Erie’s shores and islands. The climate in and around Greater Cleveland is ideal for grape growing, and vintners have long known this. One early winegrower cooperative tried to take advantage of this on Kelleys Island, and the remnants of their efforts remain in some of the most prominent ruins near Cleveland. Grab your fedora and binoculars and prepare to explore like a treasure hunter, because these ruins near Cleveland are irresistible.

The ruins of these wineries are located on private property and are closed to the public, but you’ll doubtlessly spot these ruins from the road during your visit. Plus, you can always swing by the new winery of the same name for an authentic wine tasting experience! Who will you be taking to Kelleys Island with you?

Did you know that Kelleys Island isn’t the only landmass in Lake Erie to have faced destruction by fire? Just take a look at the ruins of what was once the nation’s largest hotel.

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