9 Dreamy Parks Around Cleveland That Are Overflowing With Wildlife

Cleveland and its surroundings are overflowing with stunning beauty, but the most incredible majesty is undoubtedly found in the birdsong-filled natural areas of Northeast Ohio. In areas that are overflowing with wildlife, there is much to see, hear, and discover. Each step is an adventure, and around every bend on hiking trails is a new discovery waiting to be made. Now that the sun is shining and nature has awoken from its dormant wintertime state, you’ll probably want to lace up your hiking boots to start exploring the region’s most beautiful parks. For a guaranteed encounter with wildlife, start your journey with some of these places near Cleveland:

Remember throughout your hikes to leave only footprints. While you may feel that you are in your own backyard, you are truly treading through these beautiful animals’ home. This summer, you may even encounter a few of them on your hikes!

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