10 Things Everyone In Cleveland Should Avoid At All Costs

We Clevelanders share a great many traits. From our admiration of natural landscapes to our friendliness and hardworking attitudes, there is much that binds us together as a community. We also share similar frustrations and weaknesses, lending us even more things to bond over. For better or for worse, if you are a Clevelander, be sure to avoid these 10 things.

As an unofficial addition, the 11th item on this list could be taking ourselves too seriously. We live in a wondrously quirky town, and it’s a super fun place to call home. Some of these activities are too fun to resist, and there’s never a bad time to spoil yourself. How many of these things did you relate to?

Proud to be a Clevelander? You’ll be even prouder to know that your hometown is totally unique.