The Urban Legend Behind This Small Town Near Cleveland Will Give You Goosebumps

The Greater Cleveland area is full of creepy local lore. Clevelanders have grown up hearing tales of Crybaby Bridge, the horrors of the Torso Murders, and the ghost of Joc-O-Sot that purportedly haunts Erie Street Cemetery (and possibly even Progressive Field). While many of our local legends are at least partially rooted in historical happenings, many are incredibly bizarre and their origins are purely inexplicable. Yet, these tales continue to circulate and captivate locals, rooting themselves deeper in local culture. One such story is of bizarre beings that dwell in the Kirtland area, and it is perhaps the most unusual example of Cleveland-area lore.

While Kirtland’s scenery may be truly enchanting, the city’s most haunting legend is anything but. Next time you find yourself in the area at night, you may catch yourself glancing around for suspicious silhouettes.

For a more lighthearted look at this area, check out the beautiful Farmpark in Kirtland.