Most People Don’t Know These 10 Super Tiny Towns Near Cleveland Exist

Clevelanders are a proud people with a lot of unshakable love for their hometown. We love the cityscape, we love the shoreline, and, most importantly, we love our community. Yet, every once in a while, we still like to take a trip to a nearby small town where life is slower and people are somehow even friendlier. However, nothing compares to the sleepy atmosphere of Northeast Ohio’s teeniest towns. You won’t believe how petite these communities are, and you’ll be surprised how few you have heard of.

We Clevelanders love to brag about how amazing our hometown is, but deep down, we all know that the entirety of Northeast Ohio is overflowing with hidden wonders. These super tiny towns are some of the area’s hidden gems, and their charming landscapes just may capture your heart. What’s your favorite itsy bitsy town in Northern Ohio? Tell us in the comments, and share some of your most scenic photos!

Do these tiny towns have you longing for a quaint atmosphere? You’d probably love a visit to some of Cleveland’s best teeny tiny restaurants.

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