You Can Cruise Around The Cuyahoga On This Floating Tiki Bar In Cleveland

Do you ever feel like you’ve lived in one place so long that you’ve already done it all? You’ve been to every notable restaurant, every cool museum, every unique local business… honestly, it’s easy to feel like you’ve done everything your community has to offer when you’ve lived there for so long. However, here in Northeast Ohio, there’s endless opportunity for adventure, and there’s something new and exciting hiding around every turn. Today, we’re going to take a virtual visit to something many Clevelanders still have yet to experience. Since June 2020, there has been an unexpected sight on the Cuyahoga River: a floating tiki bar in Cleveland. This one-of-a-kind experience offers the most unique way to see the city, and it’s perfect for those who like to soak up the sun and go with the flow.

This floating tiki bar in Cleveland offers fun for everyone, and it’s the perfect place to host an event or gather with friends. Have you enjoyed an excursion on this awesome barge bar yet? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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Address: 1180 Main Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA