The Remarkable Bridge In Cleveland That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

The Golden Gate Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Many areas throughout the world are home to iconic bridges that offer incredible views and are true works of art themselves. Cleveland, too, is home to one bridge that’s become an integral piece of the region’s identity, and any Cleveland native would recognize it in a heartbeat. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the views it offers, but a look back in time reveals that the bridge’s very history is worthy of exploration.

Cleveland is home to many incredible structures, but this bridge has effortlessly become one of the city’s most recognizable architectural gems. Immortalized in modern art and written history, it’s hard to forget the city’s iconic Guardians. Which is your favorite architectural monument in Cleveland?

True Clevelanders will recognize this monument in a moment. You’ll also doubtlessly recognize these nine iconic destinations throughout Cleveland!