The Toboggan Park Near Cleveland That Will Make Your Winter Unforgettable

As Northeast Ohio cools down, many locals prefer to retreat into the cozy comfort of their homes. While cozying up under a blanket does sound inviting, such inactivity can result in cabin fever. Clevelanders know this sickness all too well – the landscape appears gray and dull, and it feels there is nothing to do outdoors now that winter has arrived. Of course, this is a mere state of mind. The truth is that our landscape becomes a winter wonderland as temperatures drop and snow arrives, particularly in the eternally lovely Cleveland Metroparks.

The Chalet can be found at 6200 Valley Pkwy. in Strongsville, tucked in the wilderness between Routes 42 and 82. For more information, visit the Cleveland Metroparks’ website here.

Who knew such wintertime splendor existed in our own backyard? Tobogganing is a beloved wintertime tradition in Greater Cleveland, but this year is bound to be better than ever. Have you already made The Chalet’s toboggan chutes a family tradition? Are there other similar wintry attractions around Cleveland that you absolutely love? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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Address: Valley Pkwy, Strongsville, OH, USA