Starship Earth Offers The Most Eclectic Halloween Finds In Cleveland

As Halloween approaches, most of us are limited to one option: visit a pop-up Halloween store or find an online retailer for our costume. After all, where else are we going to find all the miscellaneous wonders needed to craft the most impressive costume in town? Turns out, if you’re in Cleveland, you don’t have to look far. There’s one brick-and-mortar Halloween store that has made Clevelanders look fantastic for over 40 years, and it continues to do so to this very day. Starship Earth is the best Halloween store in Cleveland, and your dream costume is awaiting discovery within its extensive collections.

If you’re in search of a costume for Halloween, visit Clevelanders’ favorite Halloween store! You truly never know what awaits discovery just behind their eccentric window displays.

For more information, visit Starship Earth’s Facebook page.

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Address: 16880 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111, USA