The Top Secret Beach Near Cleveland That Will Make Your Summer Complete

You don’t have to be on the equator to know what intense summer heat feels like. In Northeast Ohio, locals are treated to blisteringly hot days accompanied by humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife, and those days are so unforgiving that even a condensation-dusted glass of lemonade won’t bring relief. Only a dip in the pool or a day on the beach can chase away the heat on such days. Fortunately, Cleveland features many lovely Lake Erie beaches, as well as smaller swimming holes in local lakes and ponds. Unfortunately, many of those places are public access and wildly popular… so you need to uncover a hidden paradise to truly soak up some sun in style.

There is so much splendor surrounding Lake Erie that its beauty is sought by locals and visitors alike. Either way, there’s no place more enchanting than this one private beach near Cleveland.

For more information about the resort, reservations, and special events, head to the Sawmill Creek Resort website here.

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