Sainato’s At Rivergate Has The Most Mouthwateringly Delicious Calzones In Cleveland

Pizzas are delicious… but boy, can they get messy. All those decadent toppings and ooey, gooey goodness can easily end up all over the place. Calzones are an amazing innovation that combines the iconic pizza with a more user-friendly pocket design… improving snackability and creating (potentially) less mess. Is your mouth watering just thinking about this delectable snack? The best calzones in Cleveland can be found at Sainato’s At Rivergate, a cozy and welcoming Italian eatery that belongs on your bucket list. Check it out:

When it comes to Italian dining, Sainato’s is incredible… and their offerings are mind-blowingly good, boasting what just may be the best calzones in Cleveland. What dish do you like to dine on at this Cleveland restaurant? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Address: Sainato's at Rivergate, 1852 Columbus Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA
Address: 1852 Columbus Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA