The Teeny-Tiny Retro Diner In Cleveland That Serves Up Famously Impressive Flavor

What is it about nostalgia that’s so desirable? Is it the sense of warmth it brings us? Is it the everlasting nature that buildings and designs used to be able to boast? Is it that nostalgia truly does reawaken old memories, or are we romanticizing something that’s long gone? Either way, Cleveland is a city with the power to make anyone feel nostalgic. Much of the city has changed very little, but since the Millennium it has boasted one blast-from-the-past diner that locals feel is straight out of their childhood.

Who doesn’t love comfort food? This diner will surely become your new favorite haunt thanks to its artistic and inspired ambiance.

Address: 1328 East 55th Street, Cleveland, OH 44103

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