The Underrated Attraction Everyone In Cleveland Should Visit At Least Once

Clevelanders often find themselves staring at the sky. Whether we’re watching the sun setting into Lake Erie or stargazing at a national park, we’re a wistful people that love to dream about the bigger picture. There’s one place in the city, however, that’ll bring you closer to the cosmos than ever before. Prepare yourself, because you are about to go on a journey that’ll take you lightyears away.

Can’t wait to experience this fascinating planetarium? Capture some of the magic in the comfort of your own home by watching this video presented by The Cleveland Museum of Natural History:

As the planetarium shows are special events, they are not included in general admission tickets to the museum, but at just $3 for museum members and $6 for non-members, they are an affordable (and definitely worth it) add-on to your visit.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is located at 1 Wade Oval Dr., Cleveland, OH 44106. For more information, including a calendar of planetarium showtimes and online ticket sales, click here. To learn more about the whole museum and all of its extraordinary exhibits, visit their website here.

For more local history, check out Cleveland’s crumbling astronomy tower.