9 Ways Cleveland Has Quietly Become The Best Pierogi City In America

Each big city seems to have some sort of incredible food intertwined with its identity. Who doesn’t love snacking on Chicago-style pizza in the Windy City or something as quirky as toasted ravioli in St. Louis? Some cities are built up by residents with a knack for a certain dish, and here in Cleveland, it seems many people are pierogi masters, making our hometown one of the finest places to dine on this delectable dumpling dish.

You’ve probably noticed an excess of pierogies all about our city… honestly, that’s one of the most magical “problems” to have. Cleveland chefs and restaurateurs are fantastic at preparing a great many things, but their pierogi dishes are some of the best in the country.

Where do you find your favorite perogies in Cleveland? Share your recommendations in the comments below so we can taste-test them all!

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