There’s Nothing Better Than This Mouthwatering Pierogi Trail In Cleveland

Pierogies are a staple of the Clevelander diet, but have you enjoyed the best pierogies in town?

Our city’s culture carries a strong influence from the immigrants that built up communities like Little Italy and AsiaTown, and the eclectic mishmash of customs creates an incredible atmosphere. But the best part? We have delightful ethnic foods that can be found nearly everywhere you look! If you’re a fan of these delightful Polish dumplings, you have to embark on this incredible trail to seek out the tastiest pierogies in Cleveland! Click here for an interactive map to guide your delicious journey.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Sokolowski’s has closed its doors. The restaurant operated in the area for nearly a century, so locals truly miss this coveted restaurant. Fortunately, however, there’s a new restaurant you can check out in Parma: Dick & Alice Sausage and Pierogi Haus!

If you grew up in Cleveland, you know our pierogies are simply the best. The variety of flavors and styles is enough to make your mouth water, but once you try the explosive flavors offered by these fantastic restaurants, your tastebuds will be blown away! Where is your favorite destination to enjoy pierogies in Cleveland?

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