If You’ve Ever Wanted To See A Bird’s Eye View Of Cleveland, Now’s Your Chance

Cleveland is a city with endless opportunities for adventure. It’s made up of a unique mix of people, neighborhoods, and lifestyles, making it incredibly diverse and stunning to explore. When one goes from University Circle to Little Italy, for example, you’ll notice that each neighborhood is distinct in its atmosphere and way of life. At the same time, each and every neighborhood adds to the overall personality of our incredible city – and it is breathtaking to see them working together from high in the sky. Prepare for a view that will leave you breathless, because we’re about to see the city from a bird’s eye view.

Address: 230 West Huron Road, Cleveland, OH, 44113

Are you prepared to witness one of the most breathtaking views in The Land? Have you ever visited the observation deck in the Terminal Tower? We’d love to hear about your experience!