13 Things Longtime Clevelanders Wish They Could Tell Newcomers

Cleveland is truly a wonderful place to call home, but if you’ve never lived in a big city with Midwestern values, we have a thing or two to tell you. Every city anywhere in the world is bound to have misconceptions and rumors circulated about it, but as residents of one of the best cities in the world, we are here to dispel rumors and set the record straight. Allow us to be the first to offer a friendly “Welcome to Cleveland!” You are going to love it here in the best location in the nation.

Cleveland has its ups and downs, but the city is truly a fabulous place to call home. It dazzles in every season, and the people that already call it home are friendly and helpful. Welcome to the best location in the nation, you’ll truly love it here!

If you’re ready for a big move to Cleveland, prepare yourself for the strange habits every Clevelander will defend to the death.