This Tropical-Themed Eatery In Cleveland Will Make You Feel A Million Miles Away From Winter

In Cleveland, it’s no secret that many of our residents are snowbirds that fly (or drive) to warmer places in the colder months. Those of us that live here year-round really can’t blame them—local winters can be pretty brutal. Fortunately, there are plenty of Cleveland-area getaways where it’s summer all year long. No place is as alluring, however, as this one tropical-themed eatery in Cleveland. When you set foot in this charming restaurant, you won’t believe that you’re thousands of miles from the nearest tropical islands.

While the brutal cold of Cleveland winter can take its toll, tropical getaways like The Nauti Mermaid make it feel like warm days are never too far away. Where do you go to escape the wintertime blues? Tell us in the comments!

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