A Real Life Mario Kart Racing Course Is Coming To Cleveland And It’s Just As Awesome As It Sounds

Have you ever wished you could immerse yourself in the nostalgia of childhood? Whether that means jumping into the setting of your favorite book or movie or playing a life-size board game, we’ve all dared to indulge our inner child. However, you may have heard a rumor about an incredible old-school video game that’s coming to Greater Cleveland… and this is no mere daydream. You’ll soon have the opportunity to face off against the Mario Brothers in real life!

For more information about the Mushroom Rally, visit its website and check out your competition on its Facebook page to see updates on the fastest racing times from competitors in other cities. For specific details about the Cleveland Mushroom Rally and to purchase tickets, click here. Don’t wait – they will definitely sell out far in advance!

If you’re a fan of adventure, you’ll love these epic adventures right here in Greater Cleveland.