It’s Impossible To Forget The Year Cleveland Saw Its Single Largest Snowfall Ever

Cleveland is a lovely city, but there is no denying that it has seen some intense winters. Ohioans are enchanted by the beauty of our landscape, but it can be hard to endure events like the blizzard of 1978, which has been cited as one of the worst blizzards in U.S. history. However, decades before this memorable event, nearly 20 inches of snow dropped on The Land in just a single day. If photos had not preserved imagery of this historic day in Cleveland history, you might not believe our landscape.

Wintertime in Northeast Ohio can be brutal, but few winter storms can quite compare to this one in November of 1913. When was the worst winter that you can remember? Share your memories in the comments below!

As this storm hit the city over a century ago, few (if any) Clevelanders remain that lived through and remember this historic winter, but you may remember some of these historic wintertime events.

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