The Most Remote Swimming Quarry Near Cleveland Is Also The Most Peaceful

Here in Greater Cleveland, we locals love a good outdoor adventure. Nothing quite compares to a day spent surrounded by forest, admiring the greenery of the earth and the crispness of the air. One of the best outdoor adventures for Ohioans to take involves a partnership between man and Mother Nature… that’s right, we’re talking about quarry swimming! Old sandstone and limestone quarries criss-cross the state, reminding us of early area construction. However, underground springs, rainwater, and even local rivers and lakes have turned many of these former quarries into incredible swimming holes. Today, we’re going to venture to the coolest swimming quarry near Cleveland. It’s about 90 minutes away in an area you may not have ever heard of, but it is so worth a visit. Let’s take a look:

This swimming quarry near Cleveland is close enough for a quick day trip, and it’s almost too cool to explain. You truly have to check out this swim site in person!

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Address: White Star Quarry, 901 S Main St, Gibsonburg, OH 43431, USA