You’ll Want To Visit This Awesome Observatory Near Cleveland At Least Once This Summer

There’s nothing like stargazing from the rural communities that surround Cleveland. If you have never found yourself in the countryside at night, you are truly missing out. Without the light pollution of big, bustling cities and crowded highways, the sky lights up with millions of glimmering, gem-like stars. In one petite park in the gorgeous Medina County area, summer nights are the most magical time of year… and you have to see the night sky there to truly believe it.

This incredible event and the friendly people that spearhead it will complete your summer. It may feel worlds (or galaxies) away from Cleveland, but Letha House is only a short adventure from home. You’ll never forget a starry summer night like the one you’ll experience at this pretty park!

Letha House Park West is located at 5800 Richman Rd., Spencer, OH 44275.

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