10 Totally Kid-Friendly Hikes In Cleveland That Are 1 Mile And Under

The weather here in Northeast Ohio is an unpredictable beast. Every single day brings a different weather pattern, and what we get is often different than what is predicted. As a result, it’s hard to resist the allures of the great outdoors when a sunny day finally graces our region. There are hundreds of miles of trails crisscrossing Greater Cleveland, and many of them are the perfect length to fit into a busy day… even with children. Prepare for fun in the sun, because you just might knock out several of these ten lovely hikes in any given day.


There’s a great deal of natural splendor here in Greater Cleveland, and many of these pretty places offer short and sweet hikes that are perfect for anyone and everyone. Which of these trails is your favorite?

If these short trails left you impressed, you just might be brave enough to explore portions of the longest trail in Greater Cleveland.