This Jazz Age Temple In Cleveland Is Now A Performing Arts Center You Have To See To Believe

Cleveland is a city with an enriching history, particularly when it comes to places of worship. The city’s religious history began with the area’s indigenous cultures, and early settlers would go on to establish one of the first churches in the Western Reserve in 1807, in an area that we now know as East Cleveland. Some of the area’s oldest congregations were formed in the early 1800s, and some of their earliest structures continue to grace the city today (as is the case with Old Stone Church). However, our rich roots are ever-expanding, and places of interest continue to pop up and evolve. In some cases, this means that the past, present, and future interact in a way that’s downright breathtaking. Prepare to be rendered speechless, because the features of this historic synagogue in Cleveland will take your breath away.

University Circle has always abounded with rich local history, but the past and future truly intersect at this historic synagogue. Have you ever seen a performance or attended a religious service in this beautiful building?

If you enjoyed a look inside this unique building, you simply must take a virtual tour of this heavenly cathedral in Cleveland.