8 Horrifying Cleveland Stories You Didn’t Learn About In History Class

We’ve all heard of the awful Torso Murders that took place in Cleveland in the late 1930s, but that tends to be one of the only tragic historical stories that locals are aware of. The truth of the matter is that Cleveland, like every other metropolitan area in the country, has a history that is speckled with both remarkable and terrible events. The historical happenings that were full of suspense and bewilderment makes for some amazing stories and you’ll find that they keep you at the edge of your seat.

Cleveland holds many secrets, and unfortunately not all of those secrets are hidden gems or awesome neighborhood eateries. Many of the city’s secrets are very dark, and the community has done its best to forget some of these horrific events and mysteries that took place within Greater Cleveland.

Intrigued by local history? The dark history of the Cleveland torso murders will send chills down your spine.

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