Driving Down This Haunted Road In Cleveland Will Give You Nightmares

Every town has its legends, and every town has That One Legend that will stick with you, whether you believe it or not. This haunted road in rural Northeast Ohio has been terrifying local kids for almost a century, and drawing ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from all over the country for decades.

Legends have a way of mutating and mingling over time. Some claim that there never was an orphanage on this site. If there was, it is likely that the story of it burning down was borrowed from a nearby tragedy which happened around the same time, in which a school actually did burn down, killing all 126 children inside. There are no records to support the story, but then, others claim that there are no records to deny it. However, I challenge even the most skeptical of people to drive down this stretch of road and not feel a little thrill…

Or something more.