The History Behind This Remote Hotel Near Cleveland Is Both Eerie And Fascinating

With such a vast history, a place like Cleveland is bound to conjure up a ghost or two. Some of the most mundane places here in Northeast Ohio have a purportedly haunted history, and many blend into the landscape, arousing little to no suspicion. However, we Clevelanders coexist alongside the dead, and we occasionally share our living space with them, too! Next time you’re looking for a getaway, this quaint inn near Cleveland is a dreamy place to stay… your hostess, however, might be a tad bit different than one would expect…

Even the most inconspicuous places in Northeast Ohio bear a vast and haunted history. This lovely inn in Painesville dates back to before the Civil War, and its activity is likely tied to that era. Are you ready to experience a night surrounded by friendly ghosts?

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