In 1913, A Great Flood Swept Through Cleveland And Changed The City Forever

It is remarkable that Cleveland has been a lifelong home for many locals, and yet the city guards pieces of its history as if it is meant to be kept secret. So many incredible and terrible things have occurred in the city over the years that the common individual does not know about, from the dissolution of communities to maritime disasters that resulted in regional names you may recognize to this day. And yet, no event changed the entire region quite like this one disastrous flood that swept through the region, and you won’t believe that you’ve never heard of it.

Cleveland has an incredible history, but pieces of it seem to be lost to time. Fortunately, the story of our city’s past is well documented in photographs and documents, and though they may still be fairly unknown to most people, those who uncover them still take a moment to remember those whose lives were lost.

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