This Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich Shop In Cleveland Is Like Something Out Of Your Sweetest Dreams

Ice cream is a treat that has delighted people of various generations for thousands of years. It all began circa 500 BCE in the First Persian Empire, when a chilled treat was perfected to serve to royalty during the summer months. As various ancient cultures perfected their own version of this frosty treat, it often utilized snow, sweeteners like honey or milk, and fruits to create a snack that’s truly suitable for any season. The ice cream sandwich came along at some point in the ice cream family tree, but its origins don’t matter. All that matters is that one Cleveland sweet shop has absolutely perfected this frosty treat.

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Ice cream is a treat enjoyed by the young and old alike, and it was once (and probably still is) enjoyed by the likes of royalty. What kind of cookie would you like to try stuffed with ice cream?

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