The Long-Gone Glen Allen Estate In Cleveland Heights Lives On Through Vintage Photographs

Cleveland’s Millionaires’ Row no longer stands, but modern-day locals have heard of its magnificence. Visitors from all around the world marveled at its exquisite architecture and boastful display of wealth, but few remember the illustrious countryside estates of this street’s former residents. Back in the day, Clevelanders retreated into what is now the suburbs for a bit of rest and relaxation. As time marched on, even the residents of Millionaires’ Row began to prefer the quiet life to the bustling atmosphere of the city. The Glen Allen Estate in Cleveland Heights was one of the most illustrious countryside estates and, though it’s gone, its legacy lives on in photographs.

Exquisitely designed and a testament to the Severance family’s wealth, Glen Allen Estate in Cleveland Heights was one of the area’s early architectural marvels. Though long gone, its legacy still surprises locals.

Want to see more of the Severance Family’s impact on the local landscape? Pay a visit to Severance Hall, which dazzles visitors to this day.