The Unassuming West Side Market Stand That Has Served Bratwurst Sandwiches For Decades

Cleveland is a hub of culture, and it’s a bit of a melting pot in its own right. Cleveland has amassed residents from all around the world, and many of them have deposited aspects of their local culture into Cleveland’s identity. You know what else they introduced? Delightful foods! A sampling of local culture can be found at the West Side Market, but you’ll also uncover exclusively-Cleveland dishes. If your taste buds aren’t gearing up for a great time, just wait until they discover the bratwurst sandwich awaiting them at the West Side Market in Cleveland. Mmm!

A great sampling of local tradition can be found at the West Side Market in Cleveland, but Frank’s Bratwurst has forged a new tradition in and around the milieu of this bustling market. Do you remember the first time you tried a bratwurst sandwich?