There’s A Rescue Farm Near Cleveland And You’re Going To Love It

Once upon a time, Northeast Ohio was once largely farmland. While much of it has disappeared due to urbanization and further expansion, farming is still a huge part of life here in Greater Cleveland, whether we realize it or not. There has recently been a push toward supporting farmers by purchasing locally grown produce, and that is most definitely a leap in the right direction. But what about the farm animals? While most of them live peaceful lives on the farm, an unfortunate few face mistreatment or abandonment; however, there’s a farm sanctuary in Ravenna that is out to make sure that these animals are rescued and rehabilitated – and they welcome visitors to come to see them!

In a community with as many farms as we have in Northeast Ohio, someone has to look out for the animals that can’t speak for themselves. This Greater Cleveland sanctuary does just that, proving that you truly can’t spell “miracle” without CLE.

Have you visited the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary? Did you make any new furry or feathered friends? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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