There’s No Better Time To Visit This Charming Fruit Farm Near Cleveland

There’s a pleasantness about the changing seasons in Northeast Ohio that is difficult to describe to non-natives. As the heat and humidity of summer begin to subside, the landscape comes alive with a crispness that could make your heart race. Colors burst from the trees, and, curiously, an inexplicable smokiness makes its way into the air. The season of late night bonfires and oversized hoodies is upon us, and festivities are popping up all across the region. One farm becomes an autumnal wonderland once the seasons begin to change, and now is truly the loveliest time to pay it a visit.

There is so much to love about autumn in Greater Cleveland, and locals just can’t get seasonal festivities off of their mind. There are plenty of places where one can enjoy the seasonal fun, but there’s definitely a reason why this fruit farm is a fan favorite. What’s your fondest memory here? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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