The Fascinating Town Near Cleveland That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Native Clevelanders know how truly magical their city can be. Sparkling lights, the dreamy echoes of live music, and festive decorations greet guests wherever they turn in Cleveland. Yet, the region surrounding the city has its own charm, from the rolling fields of the countryside to the sleepy atmospheres of small Midwestern towns. One small town stands out for its surreal beauty, and it is located only about 45 minutes outside of Cleveland’s borders. Looking for the perfect fairy tale town? Look no further than this small town on a Great Lake.

Cleveland’s neighboring communities remind us that there is something magical about our region. America’s North Coast is a chic, historic, and friendly place to be, and that attitude is flawlessly captured in Vermilion.

Looking to visit another incredible beach town? Consider Huron, which offers enchanting views of Lake Erie and a multitude of family-friendly activities.