Not Many People Know About This Exotic Animal Sanctuary Right Here In Northeast Ohio

What’s cuter than a baby animal? There’s not much that rivals the innocent gaze of young, fuzzy critters, and they effortlessly steal our hearts. Unfortunately, some people stray away from typical domesticated animals and adopt unusual and exotic creatures as pets, only to discover that their cute ball of fluff grows up to be the king of the jungle. When the going gets tough and wild creatures are in difficult situations where their owners are incapable of continuing to care for them, animal sanctuaries often step up to take in and support these creatures to improve their quality of life.

You may not have realized that one such sanctuary exists near Cleveland and they take care of some of the most unique creatures in the world right here in Northeast Ohio. Luckily for us, the sanctuary opens their doors for the public to come to see and interact with the critters that coexist in this incredible place.

Stump Hill Farm is located at 6633 Klick Rd., Massillon, OH 44646. Visit their website here to learn more about this incredible place and plan your visit!

We have a great deal of diversity in terms of Northeast Ohio’s residents. We come from all over the world, and we don’t always walk on two feet. What is your favorite animal?

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