11 Times Earthquakes Shook Greater Cleveland Residents To The Core

Earthquakes are an infrequent occurrence here in Greater Cleveland, which is why locals are always shocked when they take place. Many are connected to a Precambrian fault, a remnant of the ancient world that’s buried deep beneath the earth’s surface. Other quakes can be attributed to seasonal or environmental triggers, but all are equally shocking to area residents. It’s no surprise that locals are always left in a state of shock. Since Ohio’s first recorded earthquake in 1776, there have only been around 200 recorded quakes. That’s a minuscule number, and it’s made even smaller when you consider that very few local quakes ever cause damage. Despite this, they leave a permanent mark on local memory. How many of these earthquakes do you remember?

While earthquakes in Northeast Ohio may seem to be a rarity, they’re much more common than you might believe. Do you remember any of these events, or have you ever been caught in an earthquake in another state? Share your experience in the comments!

If you found these occurrences interesting, you’ll be surprised to know that Cleveland has experienced ice quakes in the recent past.