You Can Practically Drive Right Up To The Beautiful Paine Falls Near Cleveland

Northeast Ohio is a treat for the eyes, and its landscape encompasses a great deal of natural glory. Clevelanders love one natural feature in particular, however, and it’s no secret. In and around The Land, locals love exploring waterfalls. These gorgeous natural elements add pizzazz and power to landscapes and many are close to home and worthy of a visit. Paine Falls in Painesville has two tiers, making it one of the most wondrous waterfalls near Cleveland – and you may actually drive over it as you approach it. Want to visit this splendid place? Take a look:

There are a number of lovely waterfalls near Cleveland, but this two-tiered waterfall is truly a stunner. Have you ever visited Paine Falls?

Can’t get enough of the local landscape? Chagrin Falls has its own waterfall right at the heart of town.

Address: 5570 Paine Rd, Painesville, OH 44077, USA