Solve A Murder Mystery In That’s Like A Real Life Game Of Clue At The Dinner Detective In Cleveland

Clue, the famous mystery game we all know and love, got its start in 1944. It was an engaging way for families to embrace their inner super-sleuth while maintaining a connection with the mundane nature of detective work. After all, none of the playable characters in the game claim to be detectives like Sherlock Holmes… they’re professors, housekeepers, and people just like you and me. This lifelike approach is what makes the game so engaging, and it’s also what makes the best murder mystery dinner in Cleveland so much fun. Think you have what it takes to bring down the bad guy… or will you end up accused of being the culprit? Put your skills to the test at The Dinner Detective in Cleveland.

There’s much fun to be had at the best murder mystery dinner in Cleveland. Have you ever attended a murder mystery theater before? Tell us about your experience!

Craving more mystery? There’s also a murder mystery dinner train through the nearby national park!

Address: 2460E E 13th St, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA

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