These 9 Donut Shops In Greater Cleveland Will Have Your Mouth Watering Uncontrollably

We all fall into a funk sometimes, and nothing picks you up like a fresh and warm donut. Fortunately, in a creative city like Cleveland, you can easily find some creative donuts with a flavorful twist. All over Northeast Ohio are superb donut shops that will sweep you off your feet and make your mouth water. Get ready for a quick road trip, because you’ll be craving a sweet treat after you see these delicacies:

Clevelanders certainly love their sweets, and us locals are fortunate to have such a variety to choose from. Where is your favorite local bakery, and what delicacies should we try upon visiting? Tell us in the comments, and share some photos of your favorites if you have any!

Craving something sweet? Try this charming farm bakery.

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