This Underrated Restaurant In Cleveland Is Truly A Hidden Treat

Before we get to the delicious details of this unique restaurant, we’re going to tell you a little story that makes this hidden gem truly one-of-a-kind.

Once upon a time, the relationship between space and time was purely a mystery. It took some of the greatest minds of our time to begin questioning and challenging the nature of the universe, and some of them congregated right here in Cleveland.

It was on the campus of what is now Case Western Reserve University that two men, Albert Abraham Michelson and Edward Williams Morley, performed what modern physicists know as the Michelson–Morley experiment. They attempted to measure the speed of light to detect motion, and in doing so, they established wavelengths as a standard of measurement. Their work helped shape our understanding of the universe and inspire greats like Albert Einstein, and they’re still celebrated in Cleveland in a crazy – and uniquely tasty – way.

They say great minds think alike, and the great minds of physics are now incredibly tied to Cleveland’s culinary scene. What are you most excited about trying?

For more information about Michelson & Morley, check out their website here and Facebook page here.

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