12 Ways Cleveland Quietly Became The Coolest City In The Midwest

Cleveland is undeniably filled to the brim with many wonderful things, but did you know it is actually one of the coolest cities in the country? Its cityscape is comprised of a combination of historic preservation, Midwestern ideals and friendliness, and some very special residents. Everything about it makes the city more and more unforgettable, and Cleveland has risen above the Midwest as one of its most epic attractions. How, you ask? We could go on all day about the many reasons why the city is stellar, but we’ll list just a few things to put into perspective just how special Believeland is.

As you can see, Cleveland is a pretty special place. Over the past few decades, it has quietly become the most amazing city in the Midwest, and it’s really no surprise. Cleveland offers a lot to love, and its reputation as one of the most amazing cities in the United States will only gain credence as the years go by.

To learn more about why the city is so remarkable, check out its best kept secrets.